Our Mission

“Our mission is to tell your story and serve you and your family – and all families in our area – with exceptional care, concern, and sensitivity, and with the highest standards of excellence.”

We provide the community with quality, professional funeral service based on family tradition, integrity, and honesty.

At DeRidder Funeral Home, we believe our role is to do all we can to help you create a foundation for you to move forward with hope.  There is no such thing as an “ordinary life” and your funeral service should not be “ordinary” either. Let us help you design and implement a meaningful, creative and unique service that will honor your loved one’s life and tell their story.

It has been said that “We grieve deeply because we love deeply.” Love does not stop with death, but what do you do with grief? Our society does not want to face the pain of death and will spend billions of dollars to try to stay young with the hope that death can be cheated.  But so far, the mortality rate is 100%!   Research shows that having a meaningful ceremony to acknowledge the death of your loved one will positively help you move forward in your new reality.  Conversely, there is compelling research that shows  if you choose to not have a service to acknowledge that a death has indeed occurred, you will have a very difficult time moving forward.

If you have just lost a loved one, or you would like to plan for your funeral, please contact us. We are honored to walk you through every step with exceptional care, concern, sensitivity, and with the highest standards of excellence.